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F/S OEM Rims/Tires, Springs etc....

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I'm selling a set of OEM Chrome tires and rims , Stock springs, Stock mudflaps.

RIMS AND TIRES LOCAL PICK UP ONLY Don't wanna deal with shipping.

$400.00 or trade for PS4

Springs - $55 + shipping with less than 17K miles on them OR $20 picked up!

Side Stock rocker panels $60 for both PICKED UP no shipping.

Back stock rear valance $20 PICKED UP no shipping.

Let me know if interested.. PM or txt 774 - 634-0417 ( Andre )
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Hey shadosonic, might I ask who did the opening of your side panels with the honeycomb? I'd probably buy them if they were Mysterious. Very nicely done, something I've thought of for awhile.
They were done by a guy from Iowa, the name is coming to me, yep, that's it: Van's Designs. They were a vinyl sticker to simulate a hole in the fender, and a plastic cut out to stick just inside the depression.

They didn't go over real well and were dropped after a short run.

I won a set in a drawing, put them on the car so I could take a pic, and then took them off again.
bummer. No faky shaky
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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