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Got a new set of wheels and tires last summer, and these have been sitting in my garage for the last year. Just want to get rid of them at this point. Came off of a 2009 GXP Coupe.

-Wheels: Stock, chrome, good condition, comes with center caps, 40k miles on them. Was told by a tire tech that 2 have slight flat spots, but nothing serious (probably hit a bump too hard).

-Tires: BFG Comp 2 A/S (or something like that, I'll have to double check). Two are in good condition, at least 60 percent tread. One is pretty much shot, the other's wear doesn't match the other two. All are about 4 years old.

-Sensors: Haven't been synced with the car since the new wheels were installed, but worked fine when last used.

I will put pics up this weekend, when I have a chance to clean them up.
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