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solsticeman said:
Well, orange peel is a difficult thing to do today - some of it comes from the lower and lower amounts of solvent and carrier allowed to be in the paint - higher solids (better for environment, worse for paint application) make it difficult to particulate the paint properly, the result being "blobs" or inconsisent fog density patches forming in the application spray.

Inconsistent sweep speeds also contribute, as well as inconsistent air flow in the vacinity. My understanding is using a programmed robot in a human-less environment, you can accomplish three things that should reduce orange peel:

1) consistent and accurate sweep speeds,
2) closer nozzle distance, reducing the tendency for the paint fog to become turbulent, and
3) less random air movement, 'cause there's no humans entering and leaving the area all the time.

I'd be willing to bet that Wilmington is doing everything they can to have the best process possible - and an unmanned environment is an important step here.
Welcome to environmental standards! They make it very difficult to achieve a really great finish because of teh lower amounts of solvent and carier allowed in paints.

I've noticed bad orange peel on a lot of different cars made in our country. Anything from GM products to Honda's. Check out a US built Civic. Its just as bad as a Saturn Ion in paint quality! I suspect there is also a cost cutting factor on some of these cars too. No automaker will put a show quality finish on what is essentially an economy car.

Since Solstice is a sports car, I hope its paint is in fairly good shape from the factory. I don't mind some orange peel. I'm going to drive it a lot anyway and it is going to just get scratched, chipped, and faded. But I don't want it to stick out either (like on those Ions).
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