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Solstice man asked me to start a new thread with this discussion, because some of our more recently joined members have asked, "So, how do I know if I got one of the 1st 1000?"


This is the procedure you needed to follow. Ask yourself the following questions:
  1. You did visit http://pontiac.com/apprentice and register for the EOP on Thursday 2005-04-14 in the evening, didn't you?
  2. You then printed out "Your official Solstice Early Order ID number", right?
  3. You then went to the dealer on Friday 2005-04-15 at 14:00 Eastern, and gave your dealer your print out, check?
  4. Your dealer logged into http://solstice1000.com with the early order program password that they were faxed, right?
  5. Your dealer kept at it (trying to login to solstice1000.com) and stayed at the terminal for about 40 minutes trying to get your code in and registered, didn't they?
  6. Your dealer got a "pending" status for your early order registration, check?
If you answered "no" to any of these, then chances are pretty good that you are getting one of the first regular production vehicles, rather than one of the 1st 1000 exclusive retail vehicles.

Your dealer should be able to log in at http://solstice1000.com and check your status if you answered yes to all of the above questions. If that status says "pending", you're in, and you can expect that the dealer will get a verification call, and you'll get one within the next week or two.​

Verification Print Out

If you were able to answer all of the above checklist items in the affirmative, then there is one print out that really shows that you are still in the game for one of the 1st 1000 special retail orders. [With this one, if the form in the quote below looks a bit confused, make your browser window a bit wider;)]

If you have a print out from your dealer which he made from the http://solstice1000.com/DLR/... web site that shows:​
10-digit customer unique ID number: _____________ Status:
---some-random-letters & nums--- ________________ Pending

First name: __________ Last name: ______ Home phone number: ___ Date of birth:
Sam __________________ Gamge ___________ 212-867-5309 _________ 02/21/1013
Then yes, you've got one of the 1st 1000, pending confirmation that you're not a GM insider and are in point of fact a real customer...

If all you have is an order sheet, then ask your dealer about your printout from http://solstice1000.com/DLR/....

Salamander helped us out with this by giving us the "click-path" that the dealer needs to execute:
Salamander said:
OK, here's the instructions to give your dealer.
  1. Go to www.solstice1000.com
  2. type dealer BAC code, press TAB
  3. type password
  4. press ENTER
  5. click 'Reports'
  6. click radio button to select 'All pending orders processed'
  7. click 'view report'
Tah dah! There's the list of all pending First 1000 orders for that dealership. Yes, it really is that simple. The column helpfully labeled 'Pending Date/Time' is the EOP timestamp, the only one that really counts.

If they (or you) are a more visual type I can help you there too: (see attachment.)
We also have more info from SOL MIO originally posted at: Thread = Time Stamp 2:37, Registered..no car; Post by SOL MIO:
SOL MIO said:
Go to "REPORTS" pull down menu... and make them go through all four (4) STATUS REPORTS... get a printout of each of the following...
  1. Status of all orders processed
  2. All pending orders processed
  3. Display all orders that are verified
  4. Display all orders that are fully completed and are awaiting delivery
Status codes from http://solstice1000.com
Small Dealer put together a thread that talks about what the status codes your dealer will see on the http://solstice1000.com web site. See his thread: Definitions of Status
Note: if you're wait listed, you won't show up on the report, sorry.
In brief, the codes that say you're still in the running for one of the 1st 1000 special retail orders are:
  • Pending: GM HQ will call you shortly to verify your elligibility.
  • Verified: You've been verified by GM; you checked out as a real, valid customer.
  • Associated: You've been moved from the wait-list into the 1st 1000 queue.
Next Step: Associating Your VOM Number with Your EOP Entry
Also, your dealer will need to associate the order they placed for you using "AutoBook" by entering the VOM number they received for your order on your EOP registration page. It's important that they do this last step before 2005-04-30 at 6:00 PM Pacific.

If you have successfully associated your VOM number with your EOP entry, your print out from your dealer which he made from the http://solstice1000.com/DLR/ web site will look slightly different:​
Confirmation of VOM Order Number Association

You have successfully associated the VOM 6-character order number to the customer.

To make changes or corretions use the "Back" button below.

10-digit customer unique ID number: _____________ VOM Order Number:
---some-random-letters & nums--- ________________ 6-random-letters

First name: __________ Last name: ______ Status:
Sam __________________ Gamge ___________ Pending
The report mentioned above in the quote from Salamander will also list the VOM number (if it's been associated) in one of the columns.

To make this association if it's not already there, the dealer must use AutoBook to create the order for the car with your requested options, and send it "via satellite" to the VOM system to get a VOM number. They can then use the "Take Order" tab in the top row of the solstice1000.com web site and navigate to your order by putting in your EOP registration code from the Apprentice web site. They should be presented with a screen with a "Enter VOM 6-Character Order Number:" entry box and a "Re-Enter VOM 6-Character Order Number:" box. The dealer will need to check the "I have confirmed the VOM 6-character order number to the Unique ID number association." check box and click the "Submit" button.

After you've got your VOM associated, go back to the "Pending" report using the method described by Salamander in the quote above, and write down or print out the report so that you have the Order Reference Number when EOP Headquarters calls to verify your EOP entry.​
HELP! My Dealer is Having Trouble with the Association Process!
If you are having trouble getting your dealer to understand the VOM to EOP association process, "Don't Panic!" (I hope that was "written in large, friendly letters on [your screen]," for our Douglas Adams fans. ;)) Write up your story and FAX it to the EOP HQ.

Before you send your FAX, contact the EOP Head Quarters Hot Line at 866-539-0256. They will tell you to FAX your written version of events to 618-539-0296. Clearly, you'll need to include your dealer contact information, your Official Solstice Early Order ID Number, your contact information, and other documents and information they ask for.

The folks at the EOP HQ are very friendly, so be sure to treat them kindly. They will help you get through the process.​
What if I'm not a 1st 1000?
Most importantly, remember, even if you did not get one of the 1st 1000, if you placed an order, then you signed up to get one of the first regular production vehicles from your dealer's regular allocation. The 1st 1000 are a special program dreamed up by Pontiac Marketing, so if you didn't get one, don't forget why you tried to order the car in the first place: it's a wonderful car for all of the reasons documented elsewhere in this forum, and you liked it enough for enough of the right reasons to place an order.​
-Best of luck to all!

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Great work, and good review. Best indication that you have one is when its parked in your driveway! :willy:

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Thanks for the compliment, but it is really Solsticeman you should thank...

PAS22 said:
Great work, and good review. Best indication that you have one is when its parked in your driveway! :willy:
Glad you liked the summary :thumbs:

But it is Solsticeman who really deserves the credit--he asked me to do it... I'm too shy otherwise to start too many of my own threads. ;)

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Deadline for "VOM Association" is TODAY!!!

If you've read the FAQ previously, you might have missed some of the latest contributions courtesy of Salamander. He gave us the actual click-path for the Dealers to follow when navigating to the report that shows your Pending status, your Order Reference Number and your Associated VOM Number. I've also added a bit more information about the VOM association process.

The deadline for getting those VOMs is fast approaching... It's Monday 2005-04-25 17:00 Pacific Daylight Time.

While it may be possible to get any last details done over the phone, the success rate is VERY low. I suggest taking the printout of the FAQ and the sample report attachment provided by Salamander (linked in the FAQ) with you to the dealer, and looking upon the Solstice1000.com web site with your own eyes.

-Best of luck to all! :cheers:

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VOM Deadline is 18:00 Pacific today!

Thanks to dengel, we have noted an extra hour. So, for those in other time zones, the deadlines are as follows:
  • 9:00 PM EDT
  • 8:00 PM CDT
  • 7:00 PM MDT
  • 6:00 PM PDT
Be sure to read the FAQ at the top of this thread about the association of your VOM with your EOP entry.
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