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Hi Guys, Kelly here from PCMforless.com. You may have heard of us on other websites - we do GM computer tuning. I handle the 2.4's here in our NC office, Bryan Herter can take care of your 2.0L turbo from his PA office. For questions about those, please email him at [email protected]

We've been tuning for nearly 10 years now, specializing in GM performance. We offer tuning for almost every GM vehicle from 1986 & up, and also have a few specialty products as well. We feel like we are picking up where GM left off with them! We can help with more power, better driveability, and other issues such as no low end, rough idles, and whatever else you need. Our gains on the solstice/sky are about 10-14hp, and most of our customers see a 1-2mpg increase as well.

We can accommodate any modifications you have added to the vehicle (including recalibrating speedometers for larger/smaller tires). Overall, we aim for a better driving car, whether you are at part throttle in the city, wide open on the highway, or just need more fun on the weekends!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions on how our programming works. If you have more questions, you can either post them in this thread, email [email protected], or give me a call at 704-307-4227.

Thank you Solstice Forums for having us! :cool:

1. Office Hours

10am-6pm Monday through Friday, eastern time. Phone numbers are 704-307-4227 (2.4L), or 724-349-4431 (2.0L).

2. What we do

As the name implies, we do PCM’s, for less. Our prices are very affordable and tuning is one of the best things you can do for your car. We do full tuning of the PCM, including things such as air/fuel, timing, transmission settings, tire sizes, speedometer, rev limiter, and so on. From the factory, GM leaves a lot on the table power-wise. They set their factory tunes up conservatively so customers do not encounter problems. We basically pick up the slack and give you the car you should have had from the factory. With our tune our customers see gains of 10-14hp at wide open throttle, better shifting, much more useable low-end grunt, and 1-2mpg depending on driving habits.

3. PCM tuning and your warranty

The PCM tuning may or may not void your warranty, it depends on your dealership. We have never encountered any issues with this. The PCM looks exactly the same on the outside.

4. Options for placing an order

We offer a few different ways to get tuned. The most straightforward way is to send your PCM into us for reflashing. However, we understand that not everyone has the liberty of being without their vehicle for a few days, so we also have other programs. In the core program, we send you a tuned PCM that you install. You can either keep both PCM’s, or remit your stock PCM and get your core charge back. The core charge is $125. You need to get a CASE relearn (see #5) with the core program.

In the dashhawk loaner program, we send a tuned core module, along with a dashhawk to do your own CASE relearn. You then return the dashhawk for a credit. You can return your stock core, or keep it.

5. The CASE relearn and you

CASE (Crank angle sensor relearn) information is stored in your PCM. If you use the core program, I have to ‘make’ a new PCM for you, which means rewriting the computer with your VIN and current calibration. When we use the GM software to do this, it erases the CASE data. Thus, when you install it into your vehicle in the core program, you need to have the CASE relearn done.

The CASE relearn can be done with a Tech 2 scan tool, high end scan tool, dashhawk, or Aeroforce Scangauge. The vehicle must be present – so no, we cannot do the CASE relearn for you here at the office for a mail order tune.

The CASE relearn itself is a simple procedure that only takes a few moments. Finding a dealer to do it can be a little bit of a headache as most service advisors will look at you like you’re crazy when you ask for one. Our customers have had the most success simply by telling them they replaced the crank position sensor, and need a relearn – most dealerships will know what you are talking about then. A dealership or local shop may charge anywhere from zero dollars to over $80, so it may be wise to call ahead and ask before deciding on which one of our programs to use.

You need to have a CASE relearn done with the core program. On most core/loaner programs, the check engine light is disabled for the code as do not be an eyesore, but the code is still stored for it.

6. Security relearn

The security relearn is something that needs to be done with most cores. If you install the PCM and the vehicle does not start, you need to do it. If it starts, then you do not need it. You will not need it when installing your own PCM. Instructions are enclosed with the PCM – it is a ~35 minute process that can be completed by you in your driveway with no tools.

7. How to place an order

You can either order through the internet or over the phone. To order over the net, visit pcmforless.com, and then click on Prices & Ordering. Select the appropriate vehicle, choose the right program, choose shipping, and click submit. It will walk you through the payment process of either a credit card or Paypal. After you have paid, you will be linked to the order sheet. Answer the questions about your car and personal information, and click submit. After that your order is complete. If for some reason you get lost after paying for it, you can also find the order sheet on the left hand column on PCMforless’ home page.

Please be advised that the address on your order sheet must match the address on your Paypal account. We ship to the Paypal address for seller protection, so please take a moment and confirm that address is correct before ordering. If it must be shipped elsewhere for some reason, please contact us about it as soon as possible when ordering.

8. Options on the order sheet

Most of the questions on the order sheet are straightforward. And YES we DO need the VIN for core programs!! Please do not leave this out as it makes for a delay when processing your order. Fill out the information to the best of your knowledge. Some points to mention:

Tire size – Only change these fields if you have changed tire size. If you still have the stock size, leave the order sheet to say “stock”. If you have changed tire size, we must have BOTH the stock size AND the aftermarket size in order to calibrate the speedometer.

Octane/fuel – We obviously recommend sticking with premium on these cars. Please let us know what octane rating you are using.

Shift firmness - does not apply in this case, as we are unable to tune the transmission module for the automatics.

Rev limiter – You can specify your own, leave it up to us, or leave it alone.

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have questions please email [email protected]

9. Turnaround time

Typically, our send-in PCM’s take priority. If you send your PCM in, we normally have it back out either the same day, or the very next day (providing its not a weekend).

Cores typically ship within a couple days of ordering, providing we are in stock. Most of the time we keep a healthy stockpile of PCMs, so the orders go out quickly.

If you need a PCM in a hurry please email or call first to check availability and schedule.

10. Getting your PCM to us

If you are sending in a stock/core/loaner Sky/Solstice 2.4L PCM to us, the address is PCMforless, 106 Performance Rd, Mooresville, NC 28115.

All major shippers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL) ship to our office as a business address. It is your choice who to use. We use the USPS, so please make sure your return address is appropriate for that type of shipment.

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11. PCMforless in person

If you are close to the Mooresville, NC area or passing through, you can also stop in to get tuned. It takes around 30 minutes for a street tune, and 1-2 hours for a dyno tune. You must have an appointment, so please call first.

12. Core, loaner, and dashhawk fees

The price of the tune is normally $250. Shipping is $15 priority, $30 1-2 day express. The dashhawk rental fee is $325, with $300 refunded when we receive it back.

With any core program, you can keep your stock module, or return for a core refund. Cores submitted for refund must be postmarked with 7 days of receiving our tune. They must be in good working order, and good aesthetic condition (no marks, dents, etc).

Core charges are as follows:

2.4L - $125
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