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I suppose this may be interesting for any enthusiast, but particularly for the Fiero faithful among us. GM will be displaying the 1990 Fiero redesign prototype along with some other Fiero concepts (the prototype turbo, an actual Indy pace car, the PPG pace car, and the first Fiero made) in Oak Brook IL (outside of Chicago) at the Fierorama event Sunday Sept 11, 2005.

I saw the 90 prototype in 2003 at the 20th anniversary event and it is a really good looking design! Its a shame they killed it before it reached production. If your in the Chicago area, you may be interested to check it out (along with the other customized Fieros that are bound to be there!)

Would it be wrong of me to show up at this in a Solstice? :devil

Here is a link to the announcement posted on Pennocks Fiero Forum for the show! :thumbs

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