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What a great guide Strobe. I will use your manual style as inspiration to improve our procedures and manuals at work.

In researching this installation and the functioning of Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), I have found out that my 2006 Solstice has (yet) another wiring difficulty -- the front turn signals serve dual functions, they also light up as DRLs.

When DRLs are on and a turn signal is activated, the front turn signals alternate between lower brightness and higher brightness. I've not yet removed my front turn signal bulbs to check whether they are 2 filament bulbs (this would mean separate wiring for DRLs vs turn signals, a good thing), or if they are single filament bulbs just activated at different voltages (combined wiring for both, bad thing ).

If the wiring is separate, it would mean that your guide also applies for the 2006 Solstice without any procedure changes.

If the wiring is combined, it would mean that tapping the front turn signals at the BCM might make the rear amber LEDs light up whenever the car would be running with the headlights off. In this scenario I'm not sure how the alternating voltage would affect the rear amber LEDs - would they also change between mid/high brightness or not. I believe the best course of action would be to tap the signal from the turn signal stalks at the BCM to feed a couple of 5v relays -- one for each side turn signal -- and feed 12v either from a BCM fuse or the turn signals themselves through the relays, to the LED bar.

As soon as I have some time at hand to verify the inner workings of the 2006 Solstice's front turn signal lamps, I'll report here.

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