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Putting top up and down

The Solstice top goes up just as easy as it goes down. When the top is in the UP position you press the key fob rear decklid button and the two side top flares POP UP. You then take your hand and pull the entire deck lid up till it stands straight up. You unlatch the top from inside and then you push up on the top (from the inside) and push it down into the rear area equally on both sides..this is important. You also leave the latch in the OPEN position when closing the rear deck lid...this is very important because you can damage the closure if you CLOSE the latch, as this will prevent the deck lid to lock in place. It's really easy and I can do mine in about 30 seconds...no problem at all. To put the top up you do everything in reverse order. I've had # 725 now for 5 weeks and it has 560 miles on it. I plan to drive to Cleveland from Huron (about 70 miles) this Sunday, but the top will be UP!
Hope this helps you to better understand the Solstice Top Operation,
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