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FlowMaster Muffler?

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Hey guys. This is my first post out here. I have owned my GXP for almost 4 years and it is almost paid for. I am looking to add a little sound to the exhaust and I didn't really want to spend $800 bucks. Just wanted to ask if anyone has ever tried or heard what a flowmaster 80 series would sound like on this car. They make a camaro replacement (model 842583) that will fit perfectly where the stock muffler is with room to spare. My mechanic says he can bend a pipe to extend the existing outlet that goes in the stock muffler to go into the end of this one and then just come out with the stock outlet pipes. I am just worried it will sound like a tin can. I know I can buy the Solo Mach but I am really not looking for performance. I don't race the car. Just want a little more growl than the stock. I can do the whole thing for less than $300. What do you guys think? Thanks
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Nice to finally meet you.

There are a couple of posts from 3 or 4 years ago about adding a flow master. If you google search the subject and solstice forum they will probably come up.

My recollection is that the person making the install liked the end result.
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