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dengel said:
Okay, I stopped by my dealer today to check out the Pre-production Solstice that they got to display in their showroom for the week. And I noticed that I could operate the power windows and stereo without having the key in the ignition.

So my question is - Is this normal for the Solstice, or did this particular pre-production model have some crossed wires somewhere that made this happen? If the car is designed to do this, I think it is pretty cool, as it definitely helps in raising the top. (You wouldn't need to leave the key in the ignition if you wanted to lower the windows when raising the top.)

Anybody with a real Solstice who can let me know, I'd really appreciate it. :)
i don;t know if the Solstice is this way but on my monte carlo and my truck you can remove the key and the stereo and power windows will work for 10 minutes or untill a door is opened.
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