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Brimley Michigan

Brimley Development Center Home

Nestled against the backdrop of the pristine Michigan Upper Peninsula, the 560 acre Brimley Development Center offers customers a state-of-the-art automotive, recreational, and specialty test facility designed for year round use.

Built in 1995, the test facility incorporates 20 years of global testing expertise with the very latest in equipment and modern test facility design. Located just 20 minutes from Sault Ste. Marie and Chippewa International Airport, the Brimley Development Center is easily reached.

* General Information
* Environmental Chamber
* Artificial Low-Coefficient
* Asphalt Vehicle Dynamics
* Gravel Vehicle Dynamics Area
* Handling Course
* Ariel Photographs
* Circles
* Specialty Surfaces
* Snow Fields
* Snow Grade
* North Ice Field
* Expressway Ramp
* Off Road Course
* 2 Mile Loop

My daughter called me from Brimley and said they were testing a black Solstice at the Continental Center!
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