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TJ Klise said:
Wow, cruising through a metro shopping center in Peoria and there it was, Mysterious, black cloth interior, no bells and whistles, but VIN #49. Didn't know that anyone else in Central IL. had even received another 1st 1K Sol. This one came out of Sam Leham Pontiac in Eureka, waited around for the owner but no sign of him/her. It was sure great seeing a final production model vs. the test mules in Detroit - fit and finish looked great! :yesnod:

Still waiting on VIN 296, hopeful for this weekend as it shipped on 9-7. We'll keep you all posted.


We can only hope that 296 arrives soon. Your and your wife have waited quite some time for its delivery. The dealer let me know this morning that my car came off the line yesterday. I couldn't hardly finish the days work.
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