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Just talked with dealer program headquarters (you are right Steve, nice people). Was on hold for a short time, when the phone picked up, heard a voice in the back ground saying "the calls keep coming one after another". Lots of voices in the back ground answering (quickly and correctly, at least mone) lots of questions.

Talked with a potential customer, who reported when he printed out his registration info last night it was pretty much blank (didn't have it with him). None of his info and no registration number. Went to try to print again, and site said he was already registered. (Since I had read a post here) I advised him to check his eMail to see. Any one else have printing issues?

Another potential customer can't register. Hits the "begin" button and gets page cant' display. I have seen that it opens another window, so suggested it could be a pop-up blocker maybe. Any simular issues? Or do you think the site might have been to busy?

Finally, I hope everyone takes a moment to enjoy this extra bit of fun provided by Pontiac. Hopefully when the dust settles it will provide some stories to remember on cruise nights in your cars and to pass on to future owners (if you finally ever give up your cars). I hope we dealers don't ruin it for you, but keep in mind we were in the dark until March 4th that there would be a program, and March 29th for the rules.

Thank you all for putting a little fun back into selling a car!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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