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Front Plate- Redux

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Bonzo...we may have a problem

Got a ride in Marco's 158 on sat. afternoon...(Many thanx Mark)
checked it out thoroughly.
While inspecting the front grill I noticed two "filler" pieces behind the egg-crate. These butt up against the grill openings at the top of the grill.
I tried to feel if there was any way we could insert the plugs and then attach cotter pins or the like, but i couldn't get my hand down from the top.
I did not try from the bottom where it is clear for air intake.
But the problem appears to be that once you insert the plugs through the grill you can't get at them to "hook" them into place. Could be another front plate issue...but like Marco said...I'll pay the ticket.

I'll wait for the appropriate postings to tell me if and how this can be circumvented.
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