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Hello, I was going to turbo my 2.4 Solstice but decided not to go that route. I have a bunch of parts for sale or TRADE! and I can part them out or sell the whole lot. Heres the list:

2.4 turbo manifold-$180
42lb injectors-$180 or $200 with connector convertors used for less than 10 miles
electric fan-$20
2 bar map sensor-$40
ebay turbo-$150
everything I have except the injectors, map sensor and turbo manifold was from an ebay kit. You would just need oil lines downpipe and a tune and youd be set with what I have, everything for $700+shipping

2006?2009 Pontiac Solstice 2 4 turbocharger Turbo Kit | eBay
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