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Some scratches on the lens, but appears to be in perfect working order.
Selling for what I paid on eBay + shipping to you (shouldn't be more than $10-15 in the continental US.)


Mileage: It will pick up mileage from your car, the mileage isn't stored in the cluster.
Scratches: mainly at the bottom, except for the tach, nearly all covered up by the dash tunnels. Lenses are all interchangeable, so you can use your good set if you want.
Functionality: All the indicators, idiot lights, tach and speedo work, and read the correct speed. I tested in a base Solstice.

Why I'm selling the gauge cluster: The cluster worked nearly perfectly in the car, but the DIC would only report the mileage. Investigation on Cobalt forums (who use the same cluster, just cosmetically different) is that there are DIC compatibility issues not between 2.4L and LNF cars, but between model years. I'm selling this to get one for the same model year as my car. If you have an '07, you should have full functionality. Any other year, you should have a working odometer, but no way to check the tire pressures, trip computer, etc.

You can use a same-year GXP cluster in your V8 Kappa (lower indicated redline) <- technical details

From some Cobalt forums:
If the DIC is to be fully functional then follow these guidelines. (If you don't then only the odometer, analog gauges, and warning lights will function)
05-06 year models are interchangable.
07 must be from an 07 model.
08-10 models are completely interchangeable.
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