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For Sale: 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP – A-Street Prepared
Miles: 40,000
Price: $24,000; $25,500 including CCW wheels; Add $2,000 to include trailer ($2,250 for trailer separately)
Cost to duplicate: $34,000+
Contact [email protected]

Up for sale is my SCCA Solo prepped A-Street Prepared Solstice GXP. Very well known and proven to be a top competitor nationally. This car can be the car that breaks the AWD domination of ASP (driver just needs two good days :p)! Locally this car can easily (and normally does) take top PAX.
The car is also very reliable for ASP. No worry about busted transfer cases or blown transmissions (like it’s AWD competitors). It is stout and takes a punishment. Probably the lightest car in ASP at nationals, 2,750 lbs.

Quote from Co-Driver Tim Moyer:
"I have to just say, this is easily the best car to just hop in and go fast I've ever been in. It's intimidating until your done with that first run, once your feet are wet, and realize how much grip it has, it's easy to find the limit, and easier than anything I've driven to flirt with that limit in all aspects. I really REALLY appreciate Alex giving me the opportunity to co-drive this car for the last 4 years. I couldn't have asked for a better prepped more reliable car at such a bonkers prep level. The reliability and price to play for the type of speed this car delivers may only be matched by the CSP miatas (and really. who WANTS to drive a miata?) not to mention the class act that the ASP community is, they really are a blast to compete with."

Quote from Heyward Wagner:
"I think this is the best tool for the job of autocross I have ever driven."

Notable Wins/Accomplishments:
2009 SCCA Solo Nationals BSP – 4th place (top 2wd car)
2009 Detroit Region SCCA – Pro Class Champion
2009 Detroit Region SCCA – Season Index Champion
2011 Toledo National Tour BSP -1st place (top 5 on index)
2011 SCCA Solo Nationals BSP – 6th place (after cruddy 1st day ;) )
2011 SCCA Solo Nationals BSPL – 2nd place (coned away Championship)
2011 Blythville National Tour (post Nationals) BSP – 1st place and Top Pax
2012 Toledo Pro Solo ASP - 3rd place
2012 Toledo Pro Solo Bonus Challenge - 2nd place
2012 Peru National Tour ASP - 2nd place (8th on index)
2012 SCCA Solo Nationals ASP – 4th and 5th place
2012 NWOR - 1st in Pro and 1st overall (might have 2nd place for Pro and Overall, one more event for co-driver to seal it up)

What is included:
All removed stock parts: stock intercooler & piping, catalytic converter, spare deck lid, exhaust, flywheel, seats, radio, A/C… Full list available upon request
Fidanza light weight flywheel w/SPEC stage 2+ clutch
Dejon Intercooler/Piping & Intake
Z0K Conversion
Kirky Light weight seats
Removed Radio/Speakers/Air Conditioning
Solo Performance Catless downpipe w/ custom exhaust (easily meets 100 db limit and light weight)
Custom Polyurethane suspension bushings
Koni DA dampers w/race springs
CCW Classic Wheels 18x11”
O.Z. ultraleggera wheels 18x8” (stock legal)
Custom carbon fiber rear spoiler (to limits of SP rules)
Custom DiBond front splitter (to limits of SP rules)
Custom engine tune, Runs on 98 Octane minimum, lots of torque (No worries about having to find corn fuel in Nebraska!)

I'm sure there is more I am forgetting about

As stated above I will make the sale w/out the CCW wheels. I would like to sell the trailer with the car.

Trailer specs:
18’ open wood deck car trailer (2’ dove tail).
Wheel posts w/locks
Tool Box
Custom made 82’ long steel diamond plate ramps
Dual Axles - 3,500 lbs
Electric trailer brakes on both Axles
Emergency break away brakes
Weight distributing hitch
Electronic junction box (makes diagnosing issues great)
Heavy duty diamond plate fenders
Spare tire and mount


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This is the classified section. Sorry to see you selling this car. Congrats on the 4th at Nationals. I hope you get what you're asking.

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I just met Tim your co-driver at the my first autocross here in michigan. I just moved up here from Vegas. He's a really good driver. I watched him pull off some great times in a stock saturn sky. Good luck with the sale.
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