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I'm selling my 2007 NA Solstice, very well taken care of, never driven in winter. Clean history, loaded as far as I can tell with everything except rear spoiler (email me directly at [email protected] for pics and scan of window sticker). 22,000 miles - at least half are highway. I drove it from Boston to LA and back earlier this year, and made quite a few 200 mile round trips between Boston and western MA.

Only selling because I want a (*gasp*) station wagon. I'm a musician and need to haul gear. Truly had a great 2 1/2 years with it though. I'm the second owner, and bought it in late March 2010 with only 1,700 miles on it.

No mods other than a K&N air filter, stubby antennae (which is now missing), and L'il Chromie door locks. Oh, and I have a removable wind blocker with storage bag.

It's currently in Boston, if anyone is interested in checking it out.

Asking $16,250, or best offer. I'm halfway through 5 years of financing, so there would have to be some communication with the bank for the title and all that jazz.


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