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My car is too small for me to transport my kid to school and take the dogs to the vet.

I always thought this was a gateway car. Figured I'd be getting a vette next, but because I need a larger vehicle, I'm going to replace this with an Infiniti G37 Convertible.

Anyways - specs of car:

2008 GXP
Street Backbone, rear stabilizer
Trifecta Budget Tune
Stereo replaced with Pioneer P3300 BT
Voice, Pandora w/ iPhone, Navigation
Also will include original headunit.
This was originally a monsoon system, with the sub behind the passenger seat (still there)
Debadged (Pontiac, Solstice GXP & Emblem removed from rear of car)

I don't have any pics now (will get some soon) but it looks like any other Silver GXP

Rear tires were just replaced.
The stupid passenger airbag sensor needs to be fixed. I plan to do that before I sell.

Car has 71,000 miles. It's in great condition. interior is spotless.

Located in Houston area.

Asking $12,500. If someone wants to fix (or not) the passenger airbag sensor so I don't have to, I'll deduct from the price.

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