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Includes -
Forced Performance 68HTA turbo (no play; ran great)
Adapter for turbo - bolts to stock manifold
Hot side intercooler pipe with Forge bypass valve
Intake pipe (bolts to stock intake location)
Oil feed line (uses stock banjo to block)
Coolant feed line (bent to fit this turbo)
Downpipe (no cat; was gutted)

4th bolt for downpipe (the tough one to fit; was originally an Allen bolt that had shaved sides to fit. I used a small head hex bolt that was lost - need an obstruction wrench to tighten down)
I used a catch can not all stock tubing from valve cover
Will need new manifold>turbo and turbo>downpipe gaskets
Downpipe did not match up correctly with my exhaust bracket - I was going to have something new tabbed up, but never got around to it (worked fine without it, I just think it would be a good idea to have that support).
You'll have to get a tune or tune it yourself

Worked great for me; I just got a great deal on an EFR setup so I am changing to that. I have the original instructions from Dejon (not super detailed but helpful). Dejon is no longer in business, so you can’t get info from them, but Forced Performance still supports this turbo. Term2 and I estimated this around 350hp on 93 (boosting to 28psi up top (gauge indicated)). Would be even more fun on E47! Boost ramp was fine on my stock clutch.



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