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FS: GXP parts (GMPP CAI, Windrestrictor..)

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I have a buyer for my car, but removed a few parts before the sale.

GMPP cold air intake: Installed for 3 months, includes all mounting hardware, original instructions, ready to install. $450 from GM, cheapest I found was $343 plus shipping from GM Parts direct. - Sold

Windrestrictor V2: Glass appeal finish, etched with GXP logo. $188 new, asking $150

Covercraft Weathershield HP car cover: Never used, only tried on the car once to check fit. I thought I was going to be parking outside, but made room in the garage so the cover went unused. I also purchased the extra gust guards that will go with this. New: $264.19 with gust guards. Asking $200

Weathershield HP Car Cover - 160+ Reviews - Best Price on CoverCraft Weathershield HP Car Covers

GXP Floor mats: very lightly used, removed during winter or poor weather to keep them in nice condition. - Sold

Please PM me with any questions or interest and I will be happy to get shipping quotes as well.

Thank you.
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Sent pm about floor mats
Floor mats and Cold air intake are sold. Still have the other parts.
Still have the Windrestrictor and Weathershield car cover. Also have the stock GXP springs if someone has a use for those.
Everything sold except Windrestrictor V2 and Covercraft cover. Again cover was never used, only fitted once to make cutout for the antenna.
Does WR light up?
If so what color?

WR is not the illuminated version, can be added though if you contact King Penn.
I am open to offers on the remaining parts. Also have a custom cut windshield sunshade by covercraft. Asking $35 + shipping.
Weathershield Cover sold. Windrestrictor V2 and covercraft sunshade left.
Car is gone! I have the Windrestrictor V2, sunshade and the double din JVC radio with all necessary components to install into the Solstice. PM me on what's left and we can figure out shipping.
What's the radio?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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