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For sale:
HAHN Intercooler
used, has some dents on the intake and output tubes from what appears to be a little front end accident. Probably not too big of loss of flow unless you're really pushing max boost for drag racing or something. Also a very minor compression of the fins on the topmost and bottommost row, but as you can see no fins collapsed/crushed.
I got this with my car but not installed on my car, so I can't speak to how it works or its history. All I can show is the images. It appears to have no visible place where it leaks. It's built like a beast, so I doubt any minor dings would cause any leak. I autocross my car and am using the lighter stock intercooler and not making more than GMPP tune power.

Hahn quoted me about $200 to repair/replace the tubes (back in January timeframe).

I'm asking $200 plus shipping.

The weight is around 25 pounds unboxed. Retail shipping via UPS/FedEx will definitely be over $100, unless you have access to a commercial shipping account (ie your office/workplace maybe). I'm happy to ship via your workplace (send me a prepaid shipping label). I can also ship to HAHN if you want to make arrangements for them to R/R the tubes (or any other location). I'm located in central Pennsylvania and we can make an arrangement for pickup within ~2 hours of my location if you want to pickup.








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Can’t even imagine what would have caused that damage. Seems highly unlikely from a car accident as it’s the top of the IC that’s compressed.
Shipping damage of poor storage perhaps?

anyways good luck on the sale. I had a Hanh on my last Sol and it was, as you said built like a tank.
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