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I upgraded to the steering wheel off the Corvette, so I don't need the steering wheel off my GXP anymore. Its in absolutely pristine condition, no marks or tears in the leather. This will make a nice upgrade if you have the base steering wheel.

You will need to swap the airbag, harness and switches off your existing steering wheel. The switch covers and switches seen in the pictures are included. The switch covers are from my solstice, but the actual switches are from the Corvette wheel. The cruise control button appears sunken because the Corvette wheel does not have a button in that position. The wiring harness is not included, I reused it with my new wheel.

Also for sale is the stock airbox off my GXP. One of the mounts has a crack in it, but the other two are fine.

I'm located in the Cleveland, OH area and you're welcome to pick them up locally. PM me with offers

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