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I recently replaced the engine in my '06 2.4, and have a lot of components available. Make an offer, I'll probably take it.

Note that the internals are from an '06 2.4 - ie, FORGED.

ALSO, I have an ECM from an '07 loaded with the Werks stage 1 tune. It came with my second-hand kit, and I have no use for it. If you can plug it up to a car, I can reflash it with the stock 2.4 tune.

Anything and everything excluding accessories and block from the 06 LE5. Some examples:

- Injectors
- 06 intake and exhaust manifolds
- 2010 Malibu (probably fits later model LE5s) intake and exhaust manifolds
- Throttle body (06 and 2010)
- Head
- Crank
- Pistons and rods
- I prefer to sell the crank, pistons and rods as they sit (in old cracked block). I'll likely require a substantial beer deposit to disassemble everything.
- Engine harness
- Stock flywheel
- Other stuff I can't recall at the moment. Ask and I'll check.
- Front brakes (rotors, calipers, pads and lines)
- Radiator
- MAP sensors
- Coolant pipes

Running out of mental inventory. Email me (david lively with an account at that popular google mail domain) or PM (slower response!) with requests.

Get everything for $1k. Pick it up outside of Durant, Oklahoma for $800. (4WD truck needed as the shop is a ways down a private road, for various definitions of road.)

Or, come pick and choose, haggle, grill a steak and have some crappy Oklahoma 2 point beer. (I live outside of Dallas, have a place out in the middle of nowhere.) Might not reach an agreement, but will at least have steak and crappy beer.
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