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Fuel mileage help

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I didn't really think about it too much till the other day when I posted about my fuel mileage. Heres my issue. Today driving into work I averaged 35.3mpg with no a/c on. When I turn on my a/c I get about 18mpg. Is this normal? I just contributed it to being a 4cyl. Also with no a/c on the car runs between 198-202 degrees. With the a/c on it runs from 207-215 degrees. Any thoughts?
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Can't speak to the GXP ghost, but my N/A ran 28-30 mpg on last summer's road trip, a mix of A/C on and off. (Same 1 mpg variance between on and off.)

The A/C compressor is a parasitic load, but it sounds like yours is a bigger parasite than most. Going bad perhaps? I don't know if there is a "torque" rating for how freely it should spin when engaged.
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