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Hi All.
Well after more then 50,000+ miles on my stage II S/C the front snout seal started leaking so I called my supercharger re-builder Jon and talked about what to do. Now for the rest of you running these kits there is nothing to worry about. I drive my car every day and I don't baby it. The MP62 s/c is good for 100000 miles under normal driving.
Now this shop is the type that even though overhauling supercharges is his business he is more then happy to just sell you the parts and even tell you how to do. I changed the snout seal and bearing and though it still sounded kind of rough so ordered the rest of the bearings and seal and headed to my machine shop to start pressing parts. That’s right these things are pretty much all pressed together not bolts together other then the nose case. Well I got it all back together put it on my car and had a problem. Even with a 2.5 (same as stage III) boost would go to only 7psi then drop off. After checking for leaks and finding none it was time to take the small pulley off and put the bigger one back on and try it again. I took the tube off for easier access and found oil inside. I figured one of the seals must have gotten rolled over so it would need to be changed again. At this point I had spent enough time on it so called the shop and said “You will have it tomorrow make it right and send it back. I don’t have any more time to waste on it” well the next day he called me laughing. Believe it or not even though the screws are not marked. There is a left and a right. I had all my marks I had made lined up when I put it back together but had them turned around so instead of making boost thru the screws it was trying to make boost around the inside of the case.
Any way here is where this story gets fun!
Jon changed the seal then after seeing the mild porting I had done on the case he ported the other end of the opening and also eye browed the intake side. I have heard about this but had never seen it and he had never done it either so he took the grinder to mine. Now I didn’t ask him to do this but he knew I would want it anyway so what the heck lets try it out.
If you look at the pictures you will see how we ported the outlet and also the eye browing he did on the intake side.
I only have one thing to say about how it runs. HOLY CRAP!!! Now we all know that the Stage III runs about 12.5 lbs of boost but guess what!! With the same 2.5 inch pulley along with all the porting mine blows right at 15 lbs and it comes on fast! First gear is a blink, 2nd & 3rd gear will rip your head off and 4th to 130+ and 5th gear all the way to red line!!
Once again I have a new car to play with. Haven’t got it on the dyno yet but will soon. Then bigger injectors and a dyno tune. Not sure what it will make but it feels like 400HP already. The boost comes up so fast its crazy! Watch the video and you will see what I mean.
All you guys that have the S/C’s on your cars I would highly recommend calling Jon and talking about doing a port job. You would absolute love it and Jon is a great guy!!
Due to Jon not being a supporting vendor right now it's against forum rules to advertise for him.
That being said if any of you would like his info just PM me and I will give you all his info.

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