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A couple of years ago, I had a 99 Miata Silver/tan and a friend of mine had a 94 Miata Red. A good friend of ours owns a Chevy Dealership and every year has an annual Corvette Show. This year there were 500 Corvettes!
As my friend and I pulled into the lot at 8am in the morning in our Miata's to help with the parking,one of the salesmen, a friend of mine says "Look, here comes the Shriners!" Refering to the Shriners in their little cars that they have in parades. At first, I was really pissed but the more I thought about it the funnier it was.
This year at the show is where I met Chuck Mallett and he told me about the Solstices with the V-8's. This is when this forum first found out as I posted his story. I'm hoping to go to his Shop and take a look for my self.
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