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A local article from San Antonio but it's got a few mistakes...


Mistake 1: mid 20's starting price...
Still, the Solstice gives the brand more sportiness, and while the car hasn't been priced, I'm expecting to see it come in as a direct competitor to the Mazda Miata, the car that single-handedly revived the roadster market with its arrival in the early '90s. That would put the starting price somewhere in the mid-$20,000s.
Mistake 2: This was the old concept engine but this implies it's current...
At the heart of the Solstice and probably the Sky will be a rear-wheel-drive powertrain that includes a 2.2-liter supercharged Ecotec four-cylinder engine generating up to 240 horsepower with premium fuel, GM says. The concept vehicle came with a Borg-Warner performance six-speed manual transmission from the Corvette.
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