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Our first garage day of 2018 will be held on 21 April at the Punisher garage. All are invited to drop by and participate. We need to check out our cars coming out of winter storage and make sure all needed maintenance is done. Tires up to pressure, fluids full, batteries and charging systems up to snuff.

Come see the new Gauge updates on Punisher. I have the new 4 ½ inch gauges for the Dragon available for show and tell.

Will be doing walk a through of the Nationals Maintenance training class for practice.

You are of course free to use the lift and the quick jack to get your needs fulfilled.

Opening at 10am. First come, first served on the lift.

Bring food and drink so we can continue our tradition of no one going home hungry or thirsty! As always, cherry pie will get you almost anything.

We will also be answering any questions about the Nationals and listening to your suggestions.
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