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Yup, its called "badge engineering". The brits made it an art form in the '50s. Chryler and Ford are past masters. General has been trying since the late-60s and has gotten pretty good at it.

Not counting the pony cars (why 1967 Firebird has a green on black dash), the first "corporate cars" were the NOVA family. Was also the time the general got into trouble about "corporate engines".

To me the real surprise is the front (well, front-mid) engine and RWD. Can be easy to work on but with the exception of the rope -drive Tempest, has always taken a bite out of interior room. Also means the fuel tank cannot be in the center of the car.

Then again, the Corvette has been a sucess for fifty years, the imports are almost all front engine/RWD and every time a rear engine is tried (Corvair, Fiero), the safety banners come out and we cannot have more eggs thrown. In addition the driveshaft tunnel can be quite a stiffener for a convertible if properly designed and hopefully the clutch will be easier to replace than on a Fiero.

Am curious how much FIAT influence was on the design, they have put the engine just about everywhere possible but one of the few cars I wish I still had was a 124 Spyder. Were very reliable as long as the electrics were replaced by Delco and you remembered to periodically clean the oil strainer on the front of the crank.

Is going to be interesting
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