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Hi all, Grumpy canuck here - although feeling decidedly less grumpy lately. Perhaps it's the impending snow, and the delightful seal bashing session that always follows here in Toronto.

Anyway, my dealer tells me he has been invoiced for his first Solstice (I'm the next one), and that it should be here early next week. He's going to call me and we'll have a chance to take her out for a test run. Man I am as giddy as a schoolgirl on her first night out with the captain of the football team! Anyway, all gender issues that I may or may not have asside, he thinks my car will show late September... anyone have any comments on that? If you think the car will actually show sooner, please comment. If you think it will be later, say nothing, or lie to me and tell me it'll be here next week. ;)

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