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One more GM release for today:


Basically it announces GM is opening a Performance Engine build center, and will use it to hand build LS7 V8 motors for the upcoming Z06 Corvette! (AKA Mercedes and AMG). The new facility is in Wixom, MI and each engine will be built start to finish by the same technician. It states details of the motor will be given at the 2005 Detroit Auto Show, so we do not know power outputs yet, but after going through this trouble and expense, this engine has to be a screamer.

The article also is announcing the 2005 SSR will receive a 390 HP, 405 Lb-Ft Vortech 6000 LS2 V8. That should liven up the SSR a little, and get its detractors off its back (and eating dust). :thumbs
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