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I also found two web sites offering parts for ecotec's. But since they aren't venders on this site I won't mention names, one I think has been talked about, the other not sure. The second will allow me to buy an adapter plate to fit a 68mm TB from a LSJ on our 66mm intake getting rid of our 64mm TB along with wiring (plug & play) and they also have a spacer that allows NOS or Meth\water injection for under 300 that includes the new LSJ TB. They also have Street\Strip, Race long blocks and a short block that is built to order the two later will (as advertised) handle up to 80 psi of forced injection. Five steps of modified heads with custom cams already to bolt on. I think someday if I find $15,000 laying around I'll give them a call.....:lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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