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The Batman said:
GM would be crazy to warranty any race or performance parts. Race engines break down all the time. The way that GM is sharing with the build book probably is "the best" in that it's the most tested approach.
They warranty the supercharger package for the "Twin Cam 2.4" (not the solstice motor), and the supercharger for the 2.2 Ecotec. To quote from the document posted above:

Warning: Failure to install the supercharger kit properly
and completely, failure to recalibrate the PCM or failing
to maintain the full powertrain will void both the product
and vehicle warranty. Warranty does not cover
installation or installation related issues involving
supercharger kit installed outside an Authorized GM

I read that as: as long as you do all this the powertrain warranty will be unaffected. Also it is well known that you can have the dealer install the supercharger and retain the balance of the factory warranty.
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