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Finally I have completed the required break-in new motor mileage and oil changes with zero problems...(OMG the wait seemed like forever !!)
This car has a decent amount of opening up done with upgrade.
Rpm-Motorsports CAI w/filter
RPM Charge tubes
RPM race downpipe
Solo Performance street race exhaust

Time to put the Rpm-Motorsports Stage 2 tune back onto the car.
Martin had his lead welder and shop guy ride with me as we did some decent road tuning thru remote connection with Martin somewhere in the world.
*Really Martin was just ensuring the tune he had already created for the last motor was lookin good on this motor.

As I drove home thru 'mexico' doing a few moderate pulls...Wow..big big difference over the gmpp tune just from a 'butt Dyno' result.

I use torque and dashcommand (Android)
With the obdMx2 plugin from scanxl.

*With gmpp tune they both reported about
269WHp /288Tq with 20psi boost

*With Rpm-Motorsports Stage 2 tune they both reported about
308Whp /384Tq with 23psi boost

So off to the Dyno I went to get the on the floor real numbers..
I took the car to Dyno-comp it is Scottsdale Arizona, they are one of the #10 top tuners in USA, so...for $140 bucks I was lucky enough to have the owner run my Dyno pulls, I could only assume that it would be a great time at their shop. I was not let down ..
IMG_20200131_054522.jpg IMG_20200130_162712.jpg

Here is the video

brand new motor..
fresh rebuilt turbo..
powerful Stage 2 Tune
opening the GM restrictions on intake/exhaust
really opened the power up on this car. Few more upgrades I might hit 400Hp to the ground hahahahha. So much fun to drive
More info in the for sale section here on the site..yep she could be yours...

Thanks Martin, the Twisties are gonna be a blast !!!

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I am surprised by the numbers, this is the first time I see decent numbers on a Stage 2 tune, actually they are pretty good numbers for premium gas.

If i were you I would check the inside of CAI for weld debris. A friend of mine bought a RPM CAI and a piece of weld debris ruined his turbo.
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