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I have been tinkering with the Solstice lately and decided to make some poly engine/diff mounts last night. I always thought the drivetrain slopped around a bit in the Solstice. I had poly mounts in my last car so I may have just been used to that, but I liked it. The vibrations are almost unnoticeable throughout the rpm range except for the ~1500rpm area where its a bit annoying, but I think a larger bushing may dampen the vibes a bit more. No more slop on accel/decel which is what I was trying to get rid of. If I can track down a larger or different style bushing that will fit in the constraints I'll make another set to compare. I forgot to snap a pic of them installed. I'll probably do that tomorrow though. Done.

This is the diff mount that I have not installed yet because I am waiting for another bushing. The lower half attaches under the diff at the bolts for the torque arm and the upper half to the chassis just above it.

This may need to get moved to the engine/trans section...my bad.
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