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Got Cam Actuator replaced, now they tell me Catalyatic Converter is failing?

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Okay so I finally took my car down to GM and got my Cam Actuator Solenoid replaced, 173 dollars labor and part.... btw, he told me he blamed it on my oil.... I kinda call bull on that since I've always been very careful with replacing my synthetic oil at the right intervals but whatever... I didn't argue back with him.

Now they tell me my Catalytic Converter is failing and needs to be replaced. They want to charge me 903 dollars for it.

So I did a little research on these forums. Is it true there is some recall or warranty that I wasn't aware of about the CC? Is there anyway I can get this replaced for free? Or tell the sales advisor to look into it, since he clearly was unaware of that?
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My experience has been that most company shops pay their techs based on the GM repair manual allocated hours for each repair type. The tech gets paid based on the hours allocated, if he gets it done more quickly, then he can go to the next job and earns a bit more money. If it takes him longer, then he gets paid less because he cannot do multiple tasks in a shorter period of time.

Again, in my experience, the largest variable is the rate that the dealer charges per hour. I have seen it go from $50 an hour to $150 an hour. The tech gets half or less of the hourly charge rate, the remainder going to the dealer.
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