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Got Cam Actuator replaced, now they tell me Catalyatic Converter is failing?

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Okay so I finally took my car down to GM and got my Cam Actuator Solenoid replaced, 173 dollars labor and part.... btw, he told me he blamed it on my oil.... I kinda call bull on that since I've always been very careful with replacing my synthetic oil at the right intervals but whatever... I didn't argue back with him.

Now they tell me my Catalytic Converter is failing and needs to be replaced. They want to charge me 903 dollars for it.

So I did a little research on these forums. Is it true there is some recall or warranty that I wasn't aware of about the CC? Is there anyway I can get this replaced for free? Or tell the sales advisor to look into it, since he clearly was unaware of that?
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The cat converter should be a warranty replacement at least until 100K miles. If they balk, take it another GM dealership. Good luck.
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