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Well Solstice Fans, we finally have, for the first time, a group buy on the Gravana B&G Coil-Over kit for the Kappa platform. B&G has offered us a one-time volume discount to help us save you some money and move some units before the new 2009 prices kick in. Jump on this now before the deal ends!


First off, the Gravana B&G Coil-Overs fit all Solstice models, as well as all Saturn Sky models. Below is the complete description from our website, which

Pontiac Solstice enthusiasts currently suffer the pain of not being able to find a true engineered adjustable suspension solution for a car that begs to be driven hard. From the first day we had the opportunity to see GM's new Kappa platform suspension; we knew we were looking at one of the best suspension systems to come out of GM in quite some time. We just made it better!!! After nearly six months in development, and another 2 months of road and track testing, Gravana is announcing the release of the new Gravana/B+G Coil-Overs for the Solstice. This is the ultimate coil-over system for the Kappa. Hands-Down! Designed for street, yet ready for the track, Gravana/B+G Coil-Overs offer the best of both worlds in terms of ride quality and performance. Finally, a complete engineered coil-over suspension solution is available exclusively from Gravana!

• Double Ride Height Adjustability
• 32-Level Damping Adjustability
• High Quality European Design
• Anodized Threaded Steel Bodies and Lower Brackets
• 6061 T6 Aluminum Components
• Lifetime Warranty!

Most coil-overs force you to lower the spring perch to adjust height, which reduces the shock travel and performance. The Gravana/B+G Coil-Overs allow you to lower the car without reducing the shock performance. How? Each shock body is fully-threaded for precise ride height and weight transfer, and inserts into threaded steel lower brackets. Thus, the stroke of the shock rod does not change. Additionally, the Gravana/B+G coil-over has billet adjustable spring perches which can be lowered, giving these Coil-Overs Double Ride Height Adjustability. This separate height adjustability via spring perches allows you to fine-tune your stance and ride or even slam the car for shows. For those who have been torn trying to figure out which suspension is best, Gravana has the Answer! The shock bodies, perches and brackets are all anodized steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Component pieces are made from 6061 T6 aluminum alloy for a combination of strength and light weight.

Quite often, companies try passing off coil-over conversion kits (a threaded sleeve and collar with springs) as true coil-overs. Unlike the sleeve kits that serve as more of a band-aid and often click and make noise as you drive, this is a True Coil-Over System engineered on the car. Each shock body houses a Mono-tube Gas Charged damper for quick response and steering control without loss of performance during high stress use. Unlike twin-tube dampers that experience oil-foaming, the mono-tube design provides a reliable and consistent level of damping force. Each shock incorporates 32 levels of bump & rebound damping adjustment (16 clicks adjusting both compression & rebound simultaneously on each click), allowing you to dial in the best combination of rebound and compression for any driving environment. In our testing, click settings 1-5 are excellent for most street environments. 6-9 are for the more aggressive drivers, looking for the competitive edge. 10-12 is for the driver who wants track-level performance for that smooth mountain road or even Autocross. Levels 13-16 are for those of us who like to wake up on a Saturday morning, bypass breakfast and coffee, and load our helmets in the car for a day at the track. Most people who drive the test car liked the 7-12 range to achieve the ultimate combination of comfort and performance for daily driving!

The coil springs included in the kit are specifically designed to work with the Gravana/B+G Coil-Overs to provide the best combination of performance and ride quality in an effort to provide you with a finely-tuned coil-over suspension system. As a policy set forth by B+G, we do not publish spring rates until the product is released. While there is no reason you need this information until you have tested the product on your car, we can provide it upon request while these items are in pre-sale status. Higher and lower rate springs will be available. Once you have tested the system, email us your rate requests and we will gladly accommodate. For the serious driver, the shock bodies can be custom valved to your specifications at no additional charge from the factory via special order. We can also re-valve your existing shock bodies, if you want to run them as-is for a few sessions and then have us make adjustments from there, we do offer that service. The cost varies depending on the changes required. As with all special orders, custom-valved orders must be pre-paid. As with most racing products, custom valved bodies are not returnable except under warranty. Ride height will range from 0" - 2.0" and can vary slightly from car to car.

The Gravana/B+G Coil-Over System is a direct bolt-in for all Pontiac Solstice and Pontiac Solstice GXP models.

Now for the good stuff... pricing!

The more people that buy, the lower the price, up to 20% off our normal low price based on volume.

5 Orders = 10% Off - Savings of @ $140.00!!!
10 Orders = 15% Off - Savings of @ $210.00!!!
20 Orders = 20% Off - Savings of @ $280.00!!!

Here are the conditions for this group buy: This is a 10-day special and the offer ends on October 25th, 2008 at 11:59 pm PST. To enter the group buy, just order through our website and place Solstice Forum Coil-Over Group Buy in the Comments/Notes field when you order. You WILL NOT be charged when you order. Your card WILL be pre-authorized for the full amount, but we will void it either on the same day or the following business day. Then, on October 25 or 26 we will charge your cards the correct pricing and get your HEAVILY DISCOUNTED Coil-overs shipped out ASAP.

All normal Gravana terms/conditions apply. Offers above cannot be combined with any other offers and supersede any other promotions.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



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