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Current issues:
- High engine idle after warm up has completed. If I reset the ECU idle goes down to 800 then after a short time goes back to 12-1500. Also after the engine has warmed up I hear a noise may be sucking noise through a tight hole. If I slowly pull out the oil dip stick the noise will go away. Tried spraying carb cleaner to find a leak to no avail.
- Second issue is when I take for a test drive I am unable to get the boost to go higher than 14#(this varies sometimes it's 8, 10, 18), it slams back to zero like hitting the brakes. Fuel pressure climbs as boost climbs and drops accordingly. Idle fuel press about 480#. Sometimes I can get boost to go higher, but I always get the slam back to 0#. I can go right back up, but same problem.
-Latest codes I see are P0087, P0507, P0236, do not have the GM upgrade.

All this started after I had #4 fuel injector start leaking by. I replaced the injector and while I was there replaced all clamps with T-bolt and changed the spark plugs. Before all this I was able to get boost to 19-20#, but would fail on the P0236 and go to limp mode.

Looking for any ideas where to proceed. Been searching every where for what I'm seeing.

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