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Had thought about this before but reading mikefred1952's post in RADRIV's thread on the hood adjustments got me into action.

As issues pop up that appear to be a product condition and not a design issue or driver education ( :) ) issue, request that your dealership's service department send in a VME Field Product Report. This will help Pontiac and GM become aware of issues quicker, so they can respond quicker. Dealerships can find the most revised information about submitting these reports in a September 2005 TSB.

Here is the wording of GM's request, so no one thinks that this might be improper post of info, or feel bad about asking their dealerships to do it.

Dealers play a key role in reporting product issues via Field Product Reporting. The information proves to be extremely important to the product problem resolution process. This bulletin will offer information on how to submit a VME Field Product Report (for US dealers only) or an electronic Product Information Report (for Canadian dealers only).

Submitting a Product Report
You should submit a product report anytime you encounter a product condition (i.e. repetitive conditions, PDI concerns, quality issues, etc.). Rapid communication of your concerns is important and contributes to quick product resolutions. Listed below are some other guidelines on when to submit a report:
Also for those who do post threads put as much information in them and been as clear as possible, so if Pontiac/GM reads them here they can get as much help as possible. I know the few that have been done have been written very well.
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