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solsticedream2 said:
My understanding for GMLinedog was that all first 1,000 were going to be built by last Friday. I still don't have a VIN, my dealer tells me there's still no VIN in the system and he hasn't heard anything about my car. Are all of the first 1,000 built and if not does anyone have an idea of when they will be?

I'm really getting very frustrated. If they truly are building the first 1,000 first I should have mine by now. AAAAARRGH! :brentil: :brentil: :brentil:
More than likely, all of the first 1,000 were completed last week, but I think they only have up to around 900 in the system that the dealers or Solstice HQ can access. I think they are getting updated tomorrow, so hopefully we will have our VINs then.

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