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Hi All:

2007 GXP, Stick, 60K

The last snow finally stopped falling 2 week ago and on Wednesday I ran though my annual Solstice preflight check (Check the filters, oil, radiator fluid, read my log book for any pending scheduled work, check for leaks, other). Everything looked good and I started her up. Hood was open and the engine purred as much as any LFN does 馃コ. After a couple minutes idling I remembered I needed to grab something from my house. The car is stored in my very dry barn and it's just a 60 seconds round trip and didn't think anything of it.

I am sure you can tell from the tread title. A soon as I walked out of my house and looked at my barn door my first though was my barn is burning down !!!馃が. The garage door 20x18 was just full of what I though was smoke billowing out. Strong emphasis on billowing and LOTS of smoke. I ran full speed and grabbed a fire extinguisher that I keep by the door and notice the smell was not smoke but radiator fluid 馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾. A dead Solstice makes me sad, but a lot less sad then a burned down barn and potentially house (our fire department is slow). I held my breath and turned off the car, it was so steamy I had to run out of the barn as I have a lung problem from an old injury. After ~2 minutes when the steam cleared I checked and the temp was 243. The floor of the barn was covered in fluid and the entire engine bay was wet (hood was open).

  • Filled up the radiator by adding almost an entire gallon of fluid, purged the air and could not find any leaks (may need to purge again, using the DDM Works process)
  • Changed the oil and it looked good. No water I could see. The oil only had 1k so it was still as clean as expected for that mileage.
  • No fluid in the cylinder or plugs that I could see with the naked eye.
  • Started up just fine, sounded find but temp slowly climbed to 225 before I shut it down.
I still need to check a bunch of things like the fan ex.. but before I start some assumption or sanity check?
  • I have never had a car overheat like this without a blown hose or such. The volume of fluid and steam and not finding something broken or loose has my concerned? Assumption is when the system overheated it just puked everything it had for breakfast, darn that egg McMuffin and grandads whisky?
  • Last year I noticed the the temp climb going downhill 215? and drop to 200 going up a 2k foot hill by my house (65 mph+ is fun) . I assumed this may have been air in the system?
  • Does anyone have procedure for flushing the cooling system, I didn't find anything on-line.
Any opinions including my sanity are welcome.

Note: yes I know a barn is not a real barn unless it has a broken vehicle in it. 馃槅

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2-4 months. Temp was 38 F and very high humidity (some small snow plow mounds still around). Maybe that explains the excessive steam??

Aaaaahh, Tim's Garage, I missed that post.

Big Thanks!

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A gallon of fluid is going to create a huge volume of steam, especially once it starts to dissipate, so it likely all came from the coolant.

I think you either have a stuck thermostat or a non-functioning fan.
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