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Karen1506 said:
As some of you know, my Sol is in and I asked the dealership if they could wait till after my interview next week to see if I have a job.(two weeks max).
Of course they(SM) said no. you have till today so they can get it on sept books!
I will go ask the dealership GM but I had seen posted somewhere that we had till Dec 14th.
Any thoughts?
I talked to HQ and and talking with GM/pontiac marketing and customer service and they say so far, there are no rules. and we can't help you. And get the guidelines from the dealership.

Probably I am out of a car, but can someone point me to the thread with the guidelines so I ave something to show the GM even though it's unenforcible.

btw, wish me a happy birthday today. :party:
Get the car I'm Being laid off But I'm still getting my car
If I can't afford it down the road I will have no Trouble Selling It
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