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I have a plastic part of the roof broke and i would like to change it, but i don´t know which one of these two part numbers is the correct one.

part 19121190
part 19120674

here a pic of the broken part:

The description for the 19120674 says "cable" and for 19121190 says retainer roof. It looks like the one that says cable it´s only the cable to me...

Thank you very much for your help!!!

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So I saw this issue on multiple treads on the forum and it seems the part cannot be found and is part of a larger component.

I fixed mine by adding an aluminum patch reinforcing and adding back the two broken pieces together. All pics I saw broke just like mine, in one of the rivet wholes. Typical design defect.

Here is the sequence, if no one tried to repair it first:

1. Find the rivet that connects a sewn plastic liner to the plastic guide. (the broken part)

2. Drill a hole on it with a 6mm/1/4" drill bit, thus removing it.
3. Open up the area, by taking the parts out of the canvas.
4. With the two parts held together, draw their format either on a cardboard, paper or directly on the aluminum/metal piece you intend to use to reinforce.
5. Cut your piece accordingly and drill one hole for each part.
6. Do not rivet it yet! but using rivets as guides, pre-assemble it to mark the other holes. Be sure to keep the lower hole of the upper part free, as it is the hole used by the rivet you removed on step 1.
7. Drill the next holes. I added two more one on each of the broken halves. Be sure to drill them away from the rail. I drilled one too close and could not use it, a drilled a second one.
8. Rivet them all together, don't forget to leave the liner hole free (the one from step 1)!
9. put the new assembly back into the canvas "pocket" it was before.
10. Rivet the assembly back to the sewn plastic liner.

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