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I sent the attached files to Rob the Elder to post - thinking he would create a new thread, but he attached to another thread instead. So I'm creating this to be (maybe) easier to find for those looking in future.

The following are the cross references to the files. They are split into Sky/GT/text zip files and Solsice/Coupe/text zip files in both hi-res graphics formats and vector EPS formats. Please note, the contents of the two types (graphics/vector) are NOT the same. Some files exist in one but not the other.

Many/most of these I created myself, based on the original silhouettes that were floating around several years ago. The Sky ones in particular are different from those original Sky silhouettes, which had a droopy butt and didn't (to my eye) look good. Similarly the text images/vecs are based and traced from existing images on the web, and cleaned/straightened-up.

These link to the Solstice and Coupe files (graphics first, vector second):


... and these to the Sky/GT files (again graphics first, vector second):


Have fun with them!

Just for reference, this is the droopy butt Sky (that's NOT in the files above :)):
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