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So....As the title says......I'm still dealing with a high RPM hesitation above 5100rpms in third and fourth gear (prolly in 1st and 2nd but too quick to feel it). I have the Trifecta base tune....

The wierd thing is.....I've changed the plugs to the stock AC Delco 108s I gapped them to between .026 and .028 (can't fully tell because my feeler guage only has from .026 to .030 which is stupid) and changed the air filter to a stock AC Delco Air filter. Still getting it.

I logged the events and tried to look at misfires....NONE!!!!!!! It's starting to piss me OFF!!!!!!!

So here is what it feels like.....regardless of whether I'm flooring it from 1st through 2nd and into 3rd Always at around 5100 rpms or sitting in 3rd at 3000rpms and flooring it to redline the nice torquey pull feel I was getting sort of "lets off" (as if I let off the gas a bit) then quickly gets going again. Sometimes it does it more than once. Like I said, I checked the datalogs for cylinder misfires and nothing! In some cases the Air Fuel goes to low 11s but not lower. This happens regardless of KR as well!!!!! I can't understand what could be happening.

Also I should say that once it gets above 5100 rpms boost goes from 23psi to 20.5 psi or so, but that doesn't seem to be enough to sort of "interrupt" the torque pull (as I'm feeling) and it doesn't go back up to 23psi when it starts pulling again. Anybody else have this issue and fix it?
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