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I searched on the forum, but could not find anything. How hard would it be to replace the current top/frame with a new one? Mine got slashed, and I picked up a new one (frame ans cloth top) on eBay. Well, not new, used. Has anyone done this before?

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You rang?

The top assembly is as the name states a single unit, including the frame, canvas, rear window glass, mounting structure etc.

There are I believe 4 bolts that hold the mechanism into the car and an additional two fastners that hold the elastic straps to the forward side walls of the trunk on each side.

If you figure out how to remove the old top, then getting the new one in is just a matter of having enough arms and legs to get it into position and tighten up the mounting bolts.

I have carried a top assembly from the garage to its storage location in my secret basement stash. I carried it by myself with no help. To get it into the car, I would prefer to have two people to hold it in position while I inserted the mounting bolts but the mounting process is very simple.

Here is a drawing


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