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Trying to figure out, do I need a turbo upgrade or just a rebuild with some new seals?

Put away the Blueberry Coupe last fall just after boost fell from 8 -12 psi (variable boost control) to 5 psi on either setting. Initially thinking the turbo was shot, just didn't want to deal with it. Finally got to it in the early summer while replacing a dead battery, I started by checking for possible sources of air leaks. Whamo! Just a broken charge tube clamp letting the boost pressure out near the input side of the intercooler. Easy I guess to look overlook the simple and obvious. After a few times hitting myself in the head saying "you dummy" I put a new clamp on and everything was fine. Sort of.

Saying "sort of" because in the course of this adventure I noticed that at 5 PSI the odor of burning oil from the turbo disappeared, but when restored to 8 to 12 PSI boost the odor came back. The odor is slight but annoying, mostly detected when exiting the car.

So I'm wondering just new seals or too much boost for this turbo?
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