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(this should be fun)

How much should I be paying for my Solstice? I have the following options:
Air Conditioning C60
Federal Emissiona FE9
Limited Slip Rear Differential G80
Anti-Lock Braking System JL9
5-Speed Manual Transmission MM5
Premium Package PCQ
Monsoon Audio System UQ3
C/D with MP3 Playback US8
XM Satelite Radio U2K
Power Package ZQ2
Convenience Package ZQ3

My price $24,145? Is this on track with what other people are paying?

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Go to Edmunds.com or Cars.com and price it out with those options. It'll tell you Invoice and MSRP. Also, are we talking EOP car or regular allocation?

If it's EOP and the dealer is charging more than MSRP, you should "remind" your dealer how Pontiac is "strongly suggesting" selling them at MSRP. For a non-EOP car, I would again hope for MSRP, but I don't think there is much you can do if they're charging extra.

So, in either case, if that's at (or below by some miracle) MSRP, I would get that in writing as soon as you can.
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